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Blue Profile Image
Biographical Information
Real Name: Blue
Age: 21
Species: Wolfdog
Status: Deceased (Killed by Lord Darcia III)
Originally From: Kyrios

Quent Yaiden (Father Figure)


Quent Yaiden (formerly)
Quent's Family (formerly)


Hige (Mate)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Blue/Black
Eye color: Blue
Height:' 5'9'' (Human)
Character Information
First appearance: City of Howls (Appeared)
Don't Make Me Blue (Speaking)
Voiced by: Mayumi Asano (Japanese)

Jessica Straus (English)


"If I can be with you when the world ends, it’ll be enough for me!'"
Blue to Hige

Blue is a dark blue/black-colored wolfdog. At the start of the series, Blue is shown as Quent Yaiden's pet and aide in hunting down wolves, believing, like her master, that wolves were to blame for the destruction of her home and family in Kyrios. She lived her life as a pet dog, unaware of her heritage, and helps Quent hunt down every last wolf. However, upon meeting Cheza, her wolf blood is awakened and she is unable to continue hunting down members of her own kind, and chooses to join the pack in search of Paradise instead.


Like Toboe, Blue is extremely fond of and attached to humans, having lived with them her whole life. She was extremely devoted and obedient to Quent and followed his commands without hesitation, even if it may have meant her own demise. She broke free of following Quent's orders once her inner wolf had awoken when she had contact with Cheza, unwilling to kill her own kind.

She is a fairly calm, level-headed individual. Alhough she seems laid-back, she will become fiercely protective and angered if anyone endangers anyone close to her. In the pack, she grows closest to Hige, and eventually she ends up falling in love with him. Despite the possibilty that Paradise won't accept her because she is a half-breed, she promises to follow Hige, no matter what happens.



Blue is a dark blue or black wolfdog. Although what makes up her other half is uncertain, she retains the look of a pure wolf, aside from her blue eyes. While with Quent, she wore a spiked, silver collar. Her human form is a tall, dark-skinned woman with short, black hair with blue eyes. She appears to be in her late-teens or early-twenties in human years, although it is likely that it is the latter, since she tends to call the rest of the wolves "kids". She wears a long-sleeved, navy-blue, buttoned trenchcoat, the collar of which sticks up. She wears matching, thigh-length, navy-blue, heeled boots and a short, pale-red scarf.


Blue was raised in the small town of Kyrios with Quent Yaiden and his family. At some point, they were attacked by what they believed to be a pack of wolves (actually Lady Jaguara's soldiers and Lord Darcia III), the only survivors being Blue and Quent. Together, they vowed to kill every last wolf as vengeance for their family's death.



Blue sleeping near Quent

Blue is first seen hunting down Kiba with Quent in Freeze City.

After Darcia turns into a wolf, Blue attempts to attack him in vengeance for killing Quent, but Darcia gets the upper hand and crushes Blue onto her back and breaking her spine, Hige attempts to go over aid Blue but is backed away by Darcia who then goes over to Blue and finishes her off by tearing her throat out.

Hige then goes over to be with Blue in her final moments, she shortly dies from her injuries with Hige mourning her.


  • "You're nice. Gross, but nice."
  • "No, Hige, don’t leave me behind!"


  • In the manga, Darcia recruits Blue to help him open the door to Paradise using her blood.

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