Biographical Information
Real Name: Lord Darcia III
Age: 25ish
Species: Noble
Status: Destroyed
Originally From: Black City

Lord Darcia I


Lady Hamona
Lady Jaguara



Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dark Navy
Eye color: Blue (right)
Wolf's Yellow eye (left)
Height: 6'2
Character Information
First appearance: High Tide, High Time (voice)
Voiced by: Steve Blum

"I tell you now the words of Red Moon: From the Great Spirit was born the Wolf and Man became its messenger. The Beast lives his life in silence, abiding where the blessing of the blood of the gods is bestowed upon him. The White Flower, after winning the favor of the lord of the night, will share her scent, preordained and eternal in countenance is of a lily white supple maiden. She distills and condenses all of time, until it becomes a precious frozen mass. Only then will appear the wretched beast."

Darcia's Wolf form

Darcia III is the main antagonist of Wolf's Rain and as his name suggests is the third member of the Darcia family of Nobles.

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The family were said to have been cursed after Darcia the First disappeared into “Paradise.” Because of his grandfather’s curse, Darcia the Third’s left eye is that of a Wolf’s. Therefore, he can recognise a wolf in disguise, unlike a Human. Darcia takes Cheza away from the science lab she was being held at in episode 2, where Kiba and Hige saw him and Cheza for the first time. He wanted to use Cheza to somehow revive his lover, Lady Hamona, who was suffering from “Paradise sickness” in which her soul was taken by Paradise, and had fallen into a kind of coma. It is unknown how he would do this. Darcia disappeared after his death, appearing again in Lady Jaguara’s City. The loss of Harmona seems to have driven him slightly insane. Darcia stabbed Jaguara, killing her in episode 26 and discarded his love for Harmona, saying that “She is nowhere now.” Then, he transformed into his Wolf form, revealing that his family were born from wolves that wanted to be completely human.

On his way to Paradise, he meets Quent and Toboe. He fires his gun at Quent, who fires his at the same time towards Darcia. Toboe ended up in the middle of the gunshots trying to protect Quent, but was mortally wounded. He died shortly afterwards in Quent’s arms, who also died. During the fight near Paradises entrance, he attempts to kidnap Cheza and use her to open a paradise Kiba describes as “A world of darkness.” Blue, Hige and Tsume are killed by Darcia protecting Cheza and trying to stop him from gaining entrance to paradise. He was poisoned by Cheza after biting her and carrying her off to paradise. Kiba put up a good fight, but Darcia almost killed him, before spotting the entrance to paradise and leaving both Cheza and Kiba to die while he went on ahead. However, after touching the entrance with barely a paw, he was incinerated by paradise. Only his cursed eye remained.


Darcia is tall and light skinned in appearance. His hair, blue- grey in colour has a slightly greasy, thin look. Mostly he wears mainly dark purple clothing, a long gown or robe, with trousers, long sleeved shirt and black boots or shoes. While kidnapping Cheza, (and other points throughout the series) he wears a pale white mask, his right eye covered by a black eye patch to hide his face and wolfs eye. When wearing the mask, his hair seems to grow wildly, giving it a spiky, punk look. Whether this is part of the mask, or some kind of hair extension, is unknown.

When in wolf form, Darcia is dark purple in colour, noticeably larger and more powerful looking than other wolves. He keeps his different coloured eyes, along with his insane mind.

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