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Heartbeat of the Black City
One, 23
Title Card
Air date September 25, 2004
Written by Mary McGlynn,
Lia Sargent
Directed by Tensai Okamura
Episode Guide
Pieces of a Shooting Star


Scent of a Trap


The four wolves go to Jaguara's city. They split up with Kiba and Tsume going to find information and a way into Jaguara's castle, while Hige and Toboe go look for food. Because of the tracker that Hige is unknowingly wearing, Jaguara knows of their presence, hoping they'll lead her to Paradise.




This episode, it seems like Jaguara (Hamona's twin sister) uses magic to guide the wolves in her way to use Kiba's wolf blood to open a fake paradise, together with a machine that captures lunar energy


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