Hige and Kiba
Who Doesn't Howl -14
Biographical Information
Real Name: Hige and Kiba
Alias: Hige
Age: 22-24
Species: Wolves
Status: Alive
Physical Description
Gender: Males
Character Information
First appearance: City of Howls

"So why'd you follow me?"
" I don't know, it smelled like something interesting was going to happen so I just followed my nose...besides, you seem kind of interesting."

Kiba and Hige form the first friendly bond among the wolves. Hige display friendship toward the white wolf and despite differences Kiba accept him and shows (in his own way) to reciprocate.

Their friendship will not be cracked by the revelations on the Hige's past and Kiba was the first to accept again a wounded Hige (shortly after the fight with Jaguara).

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