High Tide, High Time
One, 29
High Tide, High Time
Air date October 9, 2004
Written by Keiko Nobumoto
Directed by Yoshiyuki Takei
Episode Guide
Gunshot of Remorse


Wolf's Rain


After Quent accidentally shoots Toboe, he throws his rifle on ground then kneels over Toboe. Quent is filled with horror over what he has done. Darcia aims his gun at Quent and fires. It's revealed that Toboe bit Darcia's arm, causing him to miss, but Darcia doesn't fell pain anymore and flings Toboe away. Quent shoots Darcia with his sidearm, but it makes no difference. He tries to shoot him again, but the pistol runs out, then Darcia shoots Quent. The mortally-wounded Toboe staggers towards Quent, blood drips from every step he makes. He apologizes to Quent but Quent tells him not to as he is the one that fired the rifle. Toboe tells Quent what he had promised Blue and how he wishes that they all could have gone to Paradise, Toboe rest's his head on Quent's arm and Quent begins petting him. As Toboe's life ebbs away he has a vision of Paradise where he is reunited with Granny and able to run and play as a pup, Quent realizes that Toboe was one who saved him from freezing to death in the snow and tearfully thanks him, finally putting aside his hatred of wolves. Kiba, Cheza and Tsume arrive, Tsume is saddened and affected by Toboe's death and kneels down in sadness, Kiba sees something in the distance and runs off. Hubb, who is searching for everyone in the fog encounters Darcia and is almost strangled by him but Kiba separates them, Kiba tells Darcia he knows he has the stone that will open Paradise and asks why he has not opened it, Darcia claim's hes been waiting him, soon he will lose everything like he has, all Kiba possesses must all by gone before opening Paradise that is the law of the world, the seal's broken and Paradise is under his nose, Darcia walks off into the fog laughing. Meanwhile Cheza is unsuccessfully trying to heal Toboe while Tsume sits nearby. Cheza's tears make a small plant grow out of the ground then disappear. Hige and Blue arrive, Blue kneels over Quent who looks up at her and smiles, acknowledging her as his dog again, Quent's eyes lose their pupils indicating that he's died, Kiba arrives with Hubb who breaks down in tears over Quent's death. Kiba strokes Toboe and the wolves howl in sorrow while Cheza starts singing.

The pack continues on while Tsume tearfully gives Toboe a heartfelt goodbye in private, revealing the origin of his scar. Jaguara's wolf hunting troops are shooting his pack killing most of his family and friends, As Tsume attempted to flee from the battle, the alpha male attacked and banished him from the pack, branding him as a coward and caused him to refuse to befriend others. Toboe was the one who motivated him to pursue paradise. Tsume hears Toboe saying " Come on Tsume let's go, I believed in you, I won't wine anymore and I won't run away". A tear rolls down Tsume's face has he tells Quent to look after Toboe and says farewell to Toboe before leaving. The pack comes across a cliff the wolves easily jump up but Hubb has to climb, but then the ground shakes, causing Hubb to loose his grip but he manages to hang on. Kiba tries to rescue him but Hubb tells him not to, he says that he believes that the pack will open Paradise. Hubb let's go and plummet's as the pack looks down in sadness, Tsume, who is making his way to up the cliff witnesses Hubb falling, Hubb looks at him while he falls. Hubb smashes into the ground and inhales on a cigar before using Cher's scarf to suffocate himself. Kiba turns around and sees a huge wolf with glowing eyes, it's Darcia.

Toboe dies


Kiba: Anyway, it's been fun. If it's meant to be. We'll meet again.

Kiba: Paradise is ours! We're taking it back!

Toboe: (walking to Quent) I wanted... To watch over you, like Blue did... For the rest of my life...

Toboe: (rest's his head on Quent's arm) Let me sleep here for a while. 

Quent(pulls Toboe closer, starts crying) You saved me boy.  


-Kiba, Tsume, Hige, Blue and Cheza are the only ones left.

Hige: What good is pride when you are dead!?
This line was originally said by Hige in the first episode and is repeated towards the end of the series by Kiba



Tsume explains how he got the scar on his chest Click Here

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