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Biographical Information
Real Name: Hamona
Age: Early-mid 20s
Species: Noble
Status: Dead
Originally From: Black City

Lady Jaguara (older sister)


Lord Darcia III,


Lord Darcia III

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: green
Eye color: purple
Height: 5'11
Character Information
First appearance: Pieces of a Shooting Star (voiced)
Voiced by: Sakamoto, Maaya (Japanese)
Peggy O'Neal (English)

"We are always together, you and I, and we always will be. Together to the end of time.'"
Hamona to Lord Darcia III

Lady Harmona was Darcia III's lover. The two of them lived in happiness up until Darcia's curse was passed onto her in the form of the Paradise sickness, which is what happens when Paradise steals away someone's soul. She was still in her body, but she couldn't move or respond in any way to anybody around her.

Noble Sisters

Hamona and Jaguara from long ago (note that Hamona is on the left and Jaguara is on the right)


In an attempt to try and save Harmona, Darcia kidnapped Cheza and brought her to his keep. Unfortunately, once he got back there with Cheza, he discovered that Harmona had already died from the sickness. She was also the younger sister of Lady Jaguara, and was killed by her.

Lady Hamona and Lady Jaguara had similar appearances, but possessed completely different personalities; Jaguara was mean and cruel, while Hamona was kind and gentle.

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