Men's Lament
One, 13
Title Card
Air date July 17, 2004
Written by Mary McGlynn,
Lia Sargent
Directed by Tensai Okamura
Episode Guide
Don't Make Me Blue


The Fallen Keep


Hubb and Quent are still traveling together, searching for Cher and Blue, respectively. When they get to the next town, Hubb finally finds Cher, who then tells them that they must travel to Darcia's keep so that she may discover what's happening to the world. Meanwhile, the wolves also decide to travel to Darcia's keep to rescue Cheza.


Quent: (to Hubb, referring to his ability to solider on) Hahah! Daddies little trooper.

Quent: Did you say their would be side affects to this thing?!? I'm pissing a freaking river!

Quent: Here I am tracking a pack of wolves. And here you are chasing a fox.
Quent: You're really going to let a drunk man drive?
(Hubb drinks some of Quent's alcohol)
Hubb: There, now we're both drunk.




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