Men, Wolvers, and the book on the Moon
One, 18
Title Card
Air date Aguest 21, 2004
Written by Mary McGlynn,
Lia Sargent
Directed by Tensai Okamura
Episode Guide
Scent of a Flower, Blood of a Wolf


A Dream of an Oasis


A recap episode told mostly from Hubb's perspective, though the opening before the opening sequence is told from Quent's. The episode opening has new footage showing that Quent was the one who had shot Kiba before Kiba had entered Freeze City. The rest uses footage from the first four episodes and episodes eleven through fourteen. It adds some voiceovers by Hubb, giving his thoughts on his life being changed by his getting involved with the Book of the Moon, wolves, and his search for Cher. It ends with the opening scene from episode one with Kiba lying in the snow saying there is nothing at the end of the road, no Paradise, yet he is still driven to find it by a voice that calls him





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