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Biographical Information
Real Name: Toboe
Alias: Howling
Age: 13-14
Species: Red Wolf
Status: Deceased




Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Auburn (According to Manga Light Brown)
Eye color: Golden
Height: 5'7
Character Information
First appearance: City of Howls
Voiced by: Hiroki Shimowada(Japenese)
Mona Marshall (English)

"Why does everybody have to fight about everything, argue and steal from each other all the time? I mean, it's a big enough world. Why can't we share it? Wolves and humans and birds and flowers living together as equals? If we all got to Paradise, that's how it would be, wouldn't it?"

Toboe (Howling) is a Red wolf and the youngest of the group, and appears to be around 14 in human years. He is often acting more like a puppy than a fully-grown wolf. Toboe was raised as a pet by "Granny", an elderly woman, whom he accidentally killed in an unrestrained act of playfulness. The silver bracelets are all he has left of her. Toboe maintains an affection for humans that none of the other wolves can understand (with the exception of Blue). On one occasion Toboe saves Quent from freezing to death in the snow by sharing his body warmth with him, and is later grateful to discover that Quent has survived despite the fact that Quent immediately tries to shoot him. He is usually kind and acts violent when his friends get attacked by either Darcia III or a walrus.


Personality Edit

Toboe looks up to Tsume and usually follows him when the group splits up. He also seems to have the best hearing out of all of them. He often is more shy than bold, although when the pack is in dire threat his rage can stand beyond his timid nature and propel him ravenously into battle. Though he still acts like a puppy at times, the others consider him a valuable friend in their group. Toboe is the kindest and most empathic member of the pack.

Appearance Edit

In wolf form, Toboe's coat is a light brown, often gaining a red hue in some lightings. Humans often mistake his wolf form for a dog on account of his slender size and friendly demeanor. He wears four silver bangles on his right wrist that remain intact in wolf form. His human form has neck-length reddish brown hair parted on the side. His eyes are a light gold brown. He wears a faded red zipper shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows, olive green cargo pants and dark green military boots.

In The Series Edit

Toboe is a lone wolf at first untill he meets Tsume who tries to ignore him constantly. He later meets Kiba and Hige where they decide to let Tsume join. While Kiba, Tsume and Hige look around he watches Cheza till they get back. He and Hige look around a town and try to buy Cheza other things but Toboe loses to the game when Cheza accepts the boots Hige got her.

Cheza is taken from them by Darcia and beats them up. On the journey to paradise Kiba passes out into a coma. Toboe befriends a talking horse and has a flashback of Granny who took him in as a pet and he had accidentally killed when he wanted to play. Later after Kiba recovers they are attcked by a Giant Walrus which is violently killed by Toboe. Soon later Blue joins them as does Quent, Cher, Hubb, and Cheza.

Toboe dies

In Gunshot of Remorse Toboe follows Quent Yaiden into the desert trying to convince him to come back just then they run into Darcia who tempts them both to attack him. Quent pointed his gun at Darcia and just when Toboe jumps at Darcia, Quent shoots his gun but hits Toboe in the process. High Tide, High Time begins with Darcia shooting Quent, then he disappears. Toboe crawls next to Quent and they both lie next each other as they die. Later the whole wolf pack arrived and mourned their deaths. Toboe can be seen in Paradise rescuing a kitten that is possibly Blue reborn.                   

Trivia Edit

  • The official Wolf's Rain art-book show some "Work-in-progress" design sketch showing a Toboe much different from the final design: he appears more extrovert and dress with Arabic clothes.
  • In the manga adaption, Toboe keeps a close relationship to Tia; however, she wasn't present in the anime. In the manga, his Toboe change during the story: when Kiba was separated from them, he's the one that urges his companions to continue (differently from the Anime, where he has doubts and Tsume lead the trio).
  • Toshitsugu Lida thought at first that Toboe was a girl.
  • Hiroki Shimowada, who voices the character, felt that though Toboe was "young and inexperienced", he also acted as the go between for the other three, giving them a buffer or a bond as needed. He suggests that the other wolves keep him around because they view him as a kind son.

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