Tsume and Toboe
Biographical Information
Real Name: Tsume and Toboe
Alias: Tsume
Age: Toboe (13-14)

Tsume (25)

Species: Wolves
Status: Both deceased
Physical Description
Gender: Males
Character Information
First appearance: City of Howls
Toboe, Who Doesn't Howl

"What a joke! A bunch of down-and-out losers just gave me the brush off!"

Tsume and Toboe have a subtle but solid, strong bond with each other. Both look after one another and worry for each other's well-being, and their relationship is similar that of a big brother and little brother's.

Initially, Tsume rejects Toboe's friendliness and tells him to go away and often he scolds Toboe for his acts of carelessness and naivete. However, as the series goes on, and as Tsume gets adjusted to his new social pack life, he begins to care more about his fellow packmates including Toboe, and their bond strengthens.

Over the series, the relationship between Tsume and Toboe grows until reaching a common situation in the Japanese anime (a strong relationship between the young and weak boy and the older "senpai"), but (despite a number of un-canonical yaoi fan interpretation) never becomes explicitly romantic.

Trivia Edit

To Western audience, the relationship between Tsume and Toboe can be interpreted as of love. This can be true, but according a more elaborate Japanese description of the term. Have to be remembered that Toboe in "Fallen Wolves" express a sudden eagerness after Hige describing the Paradise as full of beautiful females.

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