aka Marcus Tindal-Wiles

  • I live in Plymouth, England
  • I was born on October 16
  • My occupation is HTML5.0 enthusiast and website developer
  • I am Male
  • Kingemocut

    hello, this blog post will be a little tutorial on wikia markup. now, the tutorial will be fully based for sorce mode editors, so if you don't use sorce mod, congrats, and welcome to a new education of the wiki Markup language.

    so, i presume at the very least you know how to type. if you're blind/don't know how to type, then how are you, and i feel sorry for you. so, lets go to the basic tools now.

    have you ever wondered how people make the contents section appear? fun fact, they don't. they just put different level of headers. now, a level 1 header is never used properly by any wikia users, as it is used for the page title, but wikia users do have access to level 2 headers and below. to use a level header, you use the following

    tags. yep, t…

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  • Kingemocut

    So, as the title says, just 20 more videos till i finished the english dub. I'd like to say a HUGE sorry for episode 6-10's Rubish quality, but my DVD of the 6-10 broke on me, so i 've had to find a different source for all of them, but 11-30 are still working :D. I promise to be finnished in at the most, 10 days (dependent on how life drags me down :P)

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